Ms. Sonja Srbinovska PhD, Professor, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, North Macedonia

Sonja Srbinovska is working as full professor in Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, R. of Macedonia, since 1988. Her main duties are teaching Dairy Science, Food Control Systems and Food quality and safety legislation to the students, but also provision of advice and support to Ministry of Agriculture, Food Agency, and Standardization Institute of R. of N. Macedonia, farmers and dairy associations and other stakeholders.

Prof. Srbinovska has a PhD degree in dairy processing in the field of Goat cheese.  She has 27 years of professional experience in the area of milk and milk processing, but also working as project manager, consultant and trainer for many projects on national and regional level. She provides consultation services in field of technology, utilization of milk and dairy equipment intended to private farmers and dairy processing plants. She was involved in organization and participation on a lot of projects, workshops and training courses regarding milk hygiene, milk quality, small skill cheese processing, traditional production, quality schemes, etc.   She was giving lecturers on different workshops and training courses in other countries (Belgium, Bosnia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey) according food safety, functional food, traditional cheese production, procedures of products registration with PDO, PGI and TSG and so on.

In 2004 she was nominate to establish Food Directorate in R. of Macedonia and in a period of 3 years she was working as a general manager.  She was member of the Certification Board for the Seal of Quality to recommend eligibility of processors applying for the Seal. As a Expert she was involved in preparation of IPARD guidelines for dairy sector, Food Safety Strategy (2005-2010), Dairy Improvement Strategy (2013-2018), Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (2014-2020), and now she is a member of Dairy Board in a country.

Prof. Srbinovska is also author and co-author of more than 80 publications and articles in the field of dairy science and food quality and safety.