Mr. Sreten Andonov

Mr. Sreten Andonov, PhD is former professor at University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food – Skopje, Institute of animal biotechnology. His research interests are in the area of animal genetic resources, climate change – livestock mitigation and adaptation, animal breeding and genetic. In the last decade he has been actively involved in 10 scientific and over 15 other projects. He was regional coordinator of the GIZ project Mainstreaming biodiversity in agriculture and land management policy, plans and programs of the SEE countries (2017/18), but also member of the team in National legislation development for AnGR. In 2006/08 he was project leader of FAO project: Development of a common methodology to evaluate and monitor the population-genetic status of farm animal breeds in Europe and derive a common interpretation of the status of endangerment of breeds. Since March 2018 he is senior researcher at the Department in Animal Breeding and Genetics, at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.