Mr. Endrit Kullaj

Endrit Kullaj is Associated Professor and Head of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT). He has received from AUT a BSc in Agronomy (2000), BSc in Agrarian Economics (2007), a MSc in Horticulture (2003) and a Doctorate of Science (2006). Ha has also received a PhD by the University of Bologna in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies with a thesis on Organic Farming Policies for the Sustainable Development of Rural Albania. Prof. Kullaj has carried out several research stages, especially in Italy, France, Great Britain and USA. His research aims a sustainable horticultural production in areas of abiotic and biotic stress tolerance and biocontrol with more than 120 publications, many of them related to agricultural policy and agrienvironment. He has coordinated and participated in more than 30 international projects and has also been serving as a consultant to GTZ, UNDP, ADA, WB, ERM, EON, EU Consultants in developing projects. He has been working for several years as international inspector for organic certification for renowned certification bodies like BCS and CERES. Since July 2008, Endrit Kullaj is also managing partner of a limited company (Sonnentor l.t.d.) which is exporting organic herbs, ensuring quality control and providing services to organic businesses in SEE.