Mr. Antanas Maziliauskas, PhD, Chancellor, Agricultural Academy of Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Professor dr. Antanas MAZILIAUSKAS (Lithuania) Has doctor’s degree in environmental engineering. He is currently (since 2019) Chancellor of Vytautas Magnus University, former rector of  Aleksandras Stulginskis University.  From 1998 to 2001 he served as Director of Agriculture and Food Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture where had led multiple working groups in multilateral and bilateral screening meetings with the EU Commission for the accession of Lithuania to the EU. He has been co-author of the first  Single Programming Document  of Lithuania  for the  budgetary period 2004-2006, just after the accession of Lithuania to the EU.  A.Maziliauskas has extensive experience in education and research management. He has been President of Lithuanian Agriculture Research Council,  Board Member of the Association of European Universities of Life Sciences, Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Vice-President (former President) of Board of the Nemunas Valley. A.Maziliauskas  has also particular  experience in development cooperation projects. During last 3 years has led three Lthuanian development cooperation projects to Republic of Mali and Algeria. Earlier he took part as a team member or leader in multiple consultancy and project evaluation missions for the World Bank and UN FAO in Nigeria, Ivory Cost, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Mali, Algeria and Yemen,  as a team member in global review of the FAO Special Programme for Food Security in Latin America and Caribbean (Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti) and West Africa (Niger, Senegal, Mauritania). During last years took part as Senior research expert  for UNDP in Turkmenistan with 3 missions related to  climate change impact topic. For these activities in 2015 was nominated as Good Will Ambassador of the European Year for Development.