Working Groups

Working Group 1 – Diversification of economic activities in rural areas in SEE

  • To elaborate on the (preliminary) findings of the assessments conducted by the REAWGs on economic diversification through rural tourism and quality policy;
  • To determine the implications of the current and future economic diversification policy on small farmers and rural businesses;
  • To explore the possibilities for enhancing economic diversification in the light of the new orientation of the EU pre-accession policy under IPA III;
  • To formulate regional recommendations for evidence-based and EU compliant policy on economic diversification in rural areas aiming at improving the economic performance of small rural businesses and releasing the potential for economic growth and improving the livelihood in rural areas.

Working group 2 – Harmonization of regulation in SEE for enhanced competitiveness of the wine sector

  • To elaborate on the (preliminary) findings of the assessment conducted by the REAWG on wine
  • To propose approach/es towards more coher­ent regulations and alignment with EU standards
  • To recommend solutions for establishment of a regular and visible exchange mechanism on wine regulations, and their implementation.

Working Group 3 – Research capacities – factor of sustainable development in rural areas in SEE

  • To discuss the current status and identify challenges in the research capacities development;
  • To elaborate the link between research and agri-food sector and extent to which research findings are transferred onto practice
  • To assess the capacity of small agri-food firms and the role of cooperation (associations, cooperatives, business networks/clusters) in prompting technological and knowledge transfer and adoption
  • To provide respective policy recommendations for research capacity building for sustainable rural development