Working Groups


 Agricultural Policy Forum 2018:

Agricultural Policy: Determinant of the Regional Rural Development and EU Perspectives of SEE


Working Group 1 – Enhancing and diversifying economic activities in rural areas in the SEE in the light of the new orientation of EU pre-accession policy

  • To assess the implications of the current and future rural development policy on small farmers and rural businesses;
  • To explore the possibilities for enhancing economic development in the light of the new orientation of EU pre-accession policy under IPA III;
  • To identify and recommend policy measures aiming at improving the economic performance of small rural businesses and releasing the potential for economic growth and improving the livelihood in rural areas.


Working group 2 – Land market and small farms’ access to land in SEE

  • To elaborate the findings of the study ”Land market and small farms’ access to land in the pre-accession countries”
  • To determine the key barriers that prevent small farms from access to land
  • To provide respective policy recommendations by the relevant stakeholders.


Working Group 3 – Agri-Environment Policies for enhanced regional rural development in SEE

  • To discuss the current status and identify challenges in the implementation of agri-environment measures in the SEE countries;
  • To discuss the potentials for valorisation of genetic resources for economic development of rural areas;
  • To identify and provide recommendations for improvement of the definition and implementation of agri-environment policies in the SEE countries.


Working Group 4 – Exchange of good practices in the meat processing sector in Western Balkans (EXQUISITE)

  • To present experiences of the meat processing sector from each WB country from the perspective of producers and policy level experts;
  • To elaborate potentials for improving competitiveness of dried meat products from the Western Balkans in the EU market;
  • To create a platform for the meat processing sector of the region with the purpose of enhancing the dialogue, promoting new ideas and exchanging experiences.